Our New Lambs!

We are constantly working to produce the very best lambs for our flock and yours! Our 2017 Peeper Hollow Farm lambs are now all here! All of this year’s lambs have names beginning with the letter Q (the 17th letter of the alphabet for 2017 lambs)! Photos of each dam and her lambs were posted as they arrived, with each of the lambs designated as R for ram or E for ewe. All names are listed in order with dam first and then lambs from left to right and back to front. Enjoy!

DOB 3/24/2017: CVM Ilaina with single Quiana (E, 16.1 lbs)

DOB 3/24/2017: Colored Romeldale Phoebe with moorit single Quenby (E, 11.4 lbs)

DOB 3/24/2017: Moorit CVM Natasha with twins Qremlin (R, 6.1 lbs) and Qatya (E, 8.2 lbs)

DOB 3/23/2017: Colored Romney McKinley with surviving triplets Quebec (E, 11.0 lbs) and Quito (E, 11.4 lbs)

DOB 3/21/2017: Colored Romeldale Midnight with Qassiopeia (E, 12.8 lbs)

DOB 3/20/2017: Colored Romeldale Koko with single Quinine (E, 14.4 lbs)

DOB 3/18/2017: Colored Romney Nali with twins Qi (foreground, R, 10.3 lbs) and Qal (R, 9.6 lbs)

DOB 3/18/2017: White Romeldale January with surviving triplets Qasper (R, 10.8 lbs) and Qloud (E, 11.3 lbs)

DOB 3/16/2017: Colored Romney Liberty with surviving single Quill (R, 12.3 lbs) —————————————————– ——–

DOB 3/15/2017:Moorit Romeldale Ossidy with twins Qoal (R, 9.1 lbs) and Quartz (R, 12.0)

DOB 3/15/2017: Colored Romeldale Lolita with twins Quan (R, 14.3 lbs) and Qastanet (E, 10.3 lbs)

DOB 3/12/2017: Colored Romney O’Chloe with Qelton (R, 8.3 lbs) and Qloe (E, 8.3 lbs)

DOB 3/12/2017: White Romney Heavenly with twins Qayin (R, 14.3 lbs) and Quaker (E, 13.0 lbs)

DOB 3/12/2017: Colored Romney Kabernet with twins Qianti (E, 12.7 lbs) and Qlaret (E, 10.4 lbs)

DOB 3/9/2017: Colored Romney Obella with twins Quella (E, 7.3 lbs) and Queisha (E, 11.4 lbs)


DOB 3-2-2017: Romeldale/CVM Kaylen with single Qayden (R, 14.1 lbs)

DOB 2/28/2017: Colored Romeldale Osage with twins Quinault (R, 10.0 lbs) and Quileute (R, 8.9 lbs)

DOB 2/26/2017: White Romeldale Nisan with twins Qai (E, 12.5 lbs) and Qash (E, 10.5 lbs)

DOB 2/26/2017: Colored Romeldale Ivy with the remaining quads Quindaro (R, 10.6 lbs) and Quechan (R, 9.9 lbs)

DOB 2/24/2017: Moorit Romeldale Poison with single Qorroboree (E, 10.5 lbs) ______________________________ ___

DOB 2/24/2017: Olive with twins Quesadilla (E, 7.5 lbs) and Queso (R, 10.1 lbs)

DOB 2/23/2017: Romney Maisie with newborn twins Quarrie (E, 10.5 lbs) and Quinn (R, 11.1 lbs)

DOB 2/21/2017: Black-based Romeldale Hattie with newborns Qapp (R – behind, 11.3 lbs) and Qitt (R – forward, 12.3 lbs)

DOB 2/19/2017: Black-based Romeldale Molly with newborns Qallen (R, 11.6 lbs) and Quillan (R, 12.0 lbs)

DOB 2/13/2017: Moorit Romeldale Nypsi with newborn twins Quade (R, 10.8 lbs) and Qorianka (E, 9.0 lbs)

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  • Abbie says:

    Poison??? I wouldn’t have thought of that as a name for lamb:)

  • Bev says:

    Hurrah! First set of triplets on the 20th! Hope all is going smoothly for you and the sheep.

  • Grayce says:


  • Abbie says:

    QUADS!!!!! Way to go Ivy!

  • Jane says:

    Lovely lambs on March 14 and glad to see something up. I was getting a little worried!

    • Dee says:

      Sorry for blanking out last Friday! I got so wrapped up in trying to get things done, I totally forgot I had a blog to write! Sorry!

  • Terry says:

    I’m confused. Is the gestation period for the Romney’s longer than for the Romeldales? I count only 3 Romney ewes delivering. I assume both breeds were in their breeding groups at the same time. Or could it be you just have that many more Romeldales.

    • Dee says:

      No, the gestation for Romeldales is two days longer (150 days), on average, than the Romneys (148 days). The reason our Romneys are so late (and many did not breed) is that we had health issues in our Romney rams last fall: one turned out to be infertile and then died before breeding season was over, and the other two groups were using ram lambs born last spring – and only one of the three ram lambs in the fields was mature enough to breed the ewes. As a result, our clean-up ram, Martin, was very busy in the last couple of weeks of breeding. In fact, I should have run our breeding season for one more week to catch all the ewes in heat. Because I didn’t do so, I have seven ewes open who should have been bred. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to manage one more week of lambing – by the end, I’m ready for it to be over! More Romneys coming this week and next!

  • Emeline says:

    Quindaro is a lovely name with a good history:-)

  • Abbie says:

    Noticed that you have some lower birth weights this year. Is this just something that has no explanation, or could this be due to the parasite problems from last summer? Just wondering…

    • Dee says:

      Hard to say yet, since only about 25% of this year’s lambs have arrived yet. Unlike on election night, with only t20% of our lambs in and counted, I’m not quite ready to make any assumptions or assessments. Stay tuned as the numbers creep up and then we might be able to draw some conclusions!

  • Abbie says:

    No lambs since March 2nd?? Are they all planning on delivering on the same day during a snow storm?

  • Janice says:

    How does Qremlin at 6.1 lbs. compare to Peter’s weight at birth? They seem so tiny! I’m sure you at glad to have all ewes accounted for, but equally sure that other tasks will require your time and talents.

    • Dee says:

      Qremlin is actually one of our smaller lambs, while Peter weighed in at 10.4 lbs at birth. He does seem tiny, but only in size – not in spirit! He is already playing “ramming” games with his sister in the jug, head lowered and looking as intimidating as his 6.1 lb frame will allow!

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