Our New Lambs!

We are constantly working to produce the very best lambs for our flock and yours! Our 2018 Peeper Hollow Farm lambs are now arriving! All of this year’s lambs have names beginning with the letter R (the 18th letter of the alphabet for 2018 lambs)! Photos of each dam and her lambs are posted as they arrive (with the most recent arrivals at the top of the page), with each of the lambs designated as R for ram or E for ewe. All names are listed in order with dam first and then lambs from left to right and back to front in the photo. Enjoy!

DOB 3-16-2018: Colored Romney Kabernet with single Riesling (E)

DOB 3-16-2018: Colored Romney Obella with single Renatta (E)

DOB 3-15-2018: Colored Romeldale Pierson with single moorit Reston (R)

DOB 3/15/2018: Moorit Romeldale Nypsi with newborn twins Ruby (E, back) and Rudy (R, front)

DOB 3-12-2018: Colored Romeldale Patty with newborn daughter Rissa (E) ——————————– ———————————-

DOB 3-9-2018: Colored Romney Grace with twins Ruth (E, front) and Raphael (R, back)

DOB 3-8-2018: White Romney Heavenly with her newborn twins – colored Rebekah (E) and white Rachel (E) ——————————————————


DOB 3-7-2018: Colored Romney Pina Colada with newborn daughter Razzamatazz (called Razz, E)

DOB 3-7-2018: Colored Romney Maisie with newborn colored daughter Reba (E) ———————————————–

DOB 3-7-2018: Colored Romney Liberty with newborn colored daughter Reagan (E) ———————————————————-


DOB 3-7-2018: Colored Romney O’Chloe with newborn colored Ripley (R)

DOB 3-7-2018: White Romeldale January with single white daughter Rascal (E) ————————————–

DOB 3-6-2018: Colored Romney Nia with very black newborn Reya (E)  ———————————————————————————————————————————-


DOB 3-2-2018: Moorit Romeldale Qorroboree with her twins, black-based Rosea (E) and moorit Rain (E)

DOB 3-2-2018: White Romeldale Qash with newborn single daughter Renault (E) —————————————– —————————————— ————————————————–

DOB 2-28-2018: Colored Romeldale Ivy with newborn dark moorit Rose (E)

DOB 2-27-2018: White Romney Omega with first Romneys – twins Ramiel (R – front) and Rho (E – rear)

DOB 2-23-2018: black-based Romeldale/CVM Olive with her twins: black-based Rasher (R) and moorit-based Raspberry (E)

DOB 2-19-2018: Moorit Romeldale/CVM Natasha with moorit Rodion (R) and black-based Roksana (E)

DOB 2-19-2018: Colored Romeldale Osage with moorit Redwood (R) and black-based Rapaho (R)

DOB 2-16-2018: Moorit Romeldale/CVM Myth with moorit triplets Roma (E), Rhea (E), and Remus (R)

DOB 2-15-2018: CVM/Romeldale Koko with single dark moorit RC Cola (E)

DOB 2-15-2018: Moorit Romeldale Odelia with dark moorit (both) Rhodes (R) and Rhoda (E)

Born 2-14-2018: Moorit Romeldale Poison with newborn moorit son, Rush (R)

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