A new look

This new look has been nearly a whole year in coming. First came the decision to switch hosting companies to one with a more user-friendly blogging format. Then came months of trying to figure out how to use the new system. By November I was beginning to panic, since my 2014 New Year’s resolution had been to get the new website started up by the end of the year, which was no longer very far off. I finally found a local company to get me started with all of the set-up, which took a huge weight off of me. Finally, we would have the new hosting company with a better blogging format!

That’s when the folks doing the computer work suggested a new look for the new site, and although I had no idea what I had just agreed to, I went for it. A few weeks later, I got an email including the new look – and I loved it! I sent a couple of photos of girls in our flock, and like magic, they appeared at the top of the page! The hardest part of the whole change-over was trying to decide how to include the old blog entries. I’ve heard from several people that they still find them useful, so we decided to include them as a separate tab. Please note, however, that the photos that were once included with the postings did not transfer, so there are no photos there. If there is something in particular that you need, just email me and I’ll see what I can do.

A very steep learning curve happened after the site was all set up, and now here we are, new site in place and the very first blog being posted. Since we are not quite into 2015, I will include these last couple of blog entries in both places: the pre-2015 pages and the current blog pages.  After Wednesday’s posting, all blog entries will be found only in the current  blog pages. I can’t wait!

Heavenly, with neck wool full of hay!

Heavenly, with neck wool full of hay!

Yesterday I was out among the sheep for the first time since all of our holiday company left. It was really the first time I had spent much time at all in the barn, so I took a good look around and made sure that nothing was amiss. As I was filling the hay feeders, I noticed that Harmony and Hannah, both white Romneys, were busy with what looked like “girl talk.” Now, I know that it is very easy to project our human traits onto sheep, so I looked again. Harmony seriously looked like she was whispering into Hannah’s ear. Her mouth was right up against Hannah’s left ear and her mouth was moving. I literally laughed out loud, watching the two of them turn in my direction  with Harmony still “talking” to Hannah. As I got closer, I realized what it was all about. Hannah had been standing under the hay chute when I threw down the three bales of grass hay. Obviously, some of the hay had fallen onto Hannah’s head – and specifically, the area around her ear. Harmony was not whispering to Hannah – no, she was actually eating the hay trapped on the top and left side of Hannah’s head! So much for a whispering party between the two friends!

I hope you like the new look – and now that the blog will actually accept comments, I look forward to hearing from you!