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More on this year’s bottle lambs

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, we currently have seven bottle lambs: Rachel (Heavenly’s daughter – now nearly old enough to wean), Rave and Raven (Gabby’s son and daughter, only about three weeks old), Riggs (one of Kiera’s twin rams), and Reliance, Right, and Reason (Hope’s triplets). Our focus over the past two weeks […]

Juggling bottles

Few shepherds plan for bottle lambs. We get a lot of people asking about them — because watching bottle lambs feed is so heartwarming — but few people realize that they’re also a LOT of work. In the first 24 hours of life, a lamb nurses about every 2 hours. At this point, the lamb […]

A good thing

I wrote on January 12th that we had purchased a new home in the mountains of Virginia with the intent of retiring there sometime this year. On February 12th, I updated the news: we would be reducing our sheep flock by selling off our beloved Romneys before the move. Shepherding a smaller flock seemed the […]

Of ultrasounds and due dates

For most of our shepherding years, we’ve had our ewes ultrasounded after breeding. When I first heard of ultrasounds for sheep, I thought back to my pregnancy ultrasounds, which were rather expensive. I was fairly certain that we couldn’t afford to do the same for our sheep — and have it done on our farm, […]