Breeding Stock



Our lambs love to play king-of-the-mountain on our bale feeders!


  • All breeding stock is registered with either ARCR (American Romeldale/CVM Registry) or ARBA (American Romney Breeders Association), depending upon breed.


  • All of our sheep are genetically tested for scrapie resistance at codon 171.


  • After much culling, our flock is  free of OPP (ovine progressive pneumonia), hoof rot, and other contagious diseases.  We randomly sample the flock every year to insure we remain OPP-free.


  • All of our sheep are selected for resistance to parasites allowing them to survive and thrive with minimal deworming – talk to us about our deworming protocol.


Our goal is the production of beautiful fleeces and top-notch, fast-growing, disease-free breeding stock.


We are eagerly awaiting our 2017 lambs and updating our waiting list for breeding stock!
We anticipate both Romeldale/CVM and Romney, colored and white lambs to be available from award-winning bloodlines.  Contact us today if you would like to be put on our no-commitment waiting list for Spring 2017, or would like more details about how we can help you get started!

A couple of our original Romney ewes who are now represented in our flock by their many descendants.


Gabby, one of the first of the Romeldale/CVMs we purchased, is still in our flock today, along with several descendants.