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Wet wool

Shearing is this coming weekend, and my days are filled with advance preparations: rounding up our volunteers, setting up the clipboards for recording everything we do, planning three meals plus snacks. This and more helps create a successful harvesting of wool from our fifty ewes. I have always kept track of local weather forecasts. And […]

A cascading river

The vast majority of our ewes (thirty-seven to be exact) are currently housed in our lower paddock that abuts the Storage Barn. This setup allows the ewes access to the lean-to and the back stall in the barn. Both areas include hay feeders, and the lean-to has a series of supplement blocks: cobalt, protein, and […]

Number Seven

It’s hard to imagine, but yesterday I captured raccoon number seven in one of our live traps. Our 15 acres is not particularly large as farms go, and our Storage Barn is fairly small when compared to our neighbor’s structures, yet it is obviously a hit with the neighborhood wildlife — at least the raccoons! […]

A raccoon invasion

Regular readers might recall that I spent many weeks last summer trapping raccoons that roamed our barns, and in the end I relocated eight of them into the wildlife area about fifteen miles north of our farm. Moving them that far away means they’re less likely to return, and with the river and wooded areas, […]


About twenty years ago, I was a city girl, having grown up in the suburbs of Detroit and then living in urban areas for most of my adult life. As a child, I remember dreaming of owning acreage, while of course never understanding what such a life might entail. My dreams were filled with beautiful […]

Creep feeding

Lambs grow best when they have a variety of foods at their disposal. The problem is that when they are young (as they are now), they’re in among the ewes, who are not only hungry, but ravenous! They are lactating, and this production of food from their own bodies makes them eating machines, devouring any […]