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Mice in the chicken coop

Our chicken coop is a small building with an interior floor about eight feet on each side and about a five foot wide double door at the back that allows me entry and makes cleaning out the bedding easier. The chickens enter and exit through two small doors at the opposite side, allowing me to […]

The Chicken War

On Friday, October 21, I wrote about our neighborhood fox taking off with nearly half of my chicken flock, leaving one hen injured. All the remaining chickens were quite traumatized and had essentially stopped laying eggs. They were rightfully fearful, since four of the ten original hens had become fox dinner. Every visit to the […]

Peace reigns in the chicken yard!

I’ve written more than once about our rooster, Albert, who has been intent on trying to kill me, his fellow hens, and even our dogs as they wandered the yard. Albert arrived free with our shipment of hens last year. Once he was here, it seemed that he was the only one who was “free”; […]

The chicken dance

I’ve had a problem with my rooster. Regular readers might recall that when we got our chickens last year, I ended up with two roosters in the batch. My neighbor took the bigger of the two, and I kept the more interesting-looking Polish. Of course — with my typical luck — my neighbor’s rooster is […]

Missy meets Albert

Missy is one of our two-year-old Romeldale ewes. Because of complications during the birthing process, she was born hypoxic and obviously suffered neurological deficits. She has remained in our flock for the past couple of years to see whether she would breed; if so, she will continue in our flock. She has adapted fairly well, […]