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Mr. Beasley moves out

I recently wrote about one of my hens — Mrs. Beasley — who was beginning to crow. Over the ensuing weeks, I came to realize that Mrs. Beasley is actually Mr. Beasley, and having two roosters was creating a problem for our small laying flock. Our hatchery order always includes a free rooster —  this […]

Raspberries from heaven

I’ve written recently about my free-to-roam raspberry plants, which seem to be conquering the entire east side of the yard. They have essentially taken over every bit of space between the house and the chicken coop and are producing between a half gallon and a gallon of berries every day, depending on weather and my […]

Trouble in the henhouse

Trying to keep a flock of chickens has been a bit of a challenge this year. Several years ago, raccoons decimated our flock while we were on vacation, and rather than replace them at that time (and lose them to the raccoons again), we decided to wait until our raccoon population was more under control. […]

Raccoon number eight

Yes, it’s hard to believe that we’re still trapping raccoons! We have caught seven so far and have been working on number eight for nearly a week. I’m beginning to think that this raccoon ought to open its own raccoon chapter of Mensa (the international high-IQ society). Although I consider myself to be fairly intelligent […]

The gulag

Regular readers will recall that we got an order of day-old baby chicks in April, only to have them vanish overnight from our farm at the age of about five weeks (see blog dated Wednesday, May 13, 2015). We reordered another sixteen chicks, and they arrived on Saturday, June 13. Unlike the first group, who […]

A sweet surprise

This is the time of year when Mother Nature blesses the world with new life — not only with the lambs in our fields, but all around us. New green shoots come forth from old gray stems or rich black earth, and the fields are filled with newborn calves, foals, and kids frolicking in the […]

The lost colony

I remember reading in high school about the lost colony of Roanoke on Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina. For those of you who might not remember, Roanoke was colonized by the British in 1587, when ships left 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children to establish a relationship with local native tribes […]