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Lisa update

Lisa, our oldest working border collie, had a stroke last Thursday morning. It unfolded as I watched, beginning shortly after I came downstairs for the day, and it slowly took away many of the functions we tend to take for granted. The first thing I noticed were the tremors in her eyes, which brought on […]

The lawn!

Our ewes are on their last round through our pastures, and as they leave each field, I “put the pasture to bed” for the winter. I mow each field off, leaving little cover to harbor parasites and allowing the cold north winds to kill off as many of them as possible when the temps finally […]

Doggy dreams of work

There is no doubt in my mind that dogs dream. I have believed this for as long as we’ve had dogs, and I’m happy that most scientists who study these things finally tend to agree: dogs do seem to dream, and the subject appears to involve things that they do during the day. I enjoy […]

Dog walking

You would think that with three herding dogs who need exceptional amounts of exercise to keep them sane, we would have enough dog chores without adding more. However, for the past week or so, I have been walking my neighbor’s mixed-breed dog. The family has recently suffered a great loss, and as neighbors in this […]