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A good thing

I wrote on January 12th that we had purchased a new home in the mountains of Virginia with the intent of retiring there sometime this year. On February 12th, I updated the news: we would be reducing our sheep flock by selling off our beloved Romneys before the move. Shepherding a smaller flock seemed the […]

A new chapter

Regular readers might have noticed that, although I have historically been as predictable as the sunset with my blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ve recently been a bit forgetful, sometimes posting late and other times missing the post entirely. There’s a  reason for that, which until now I haven’t been ready to share. I […]

Big flocks of birds

We’re at the time of year when many local birds avoid our harsh Iowa winters by flying south for fun in the sun. Those birds that overwinter will flock together and seek places that are a bit more sheltered than their usual nesting spots. Over the years, we have come to have a large flock […]

A look towards retirement

Okay, please, nobody panic. There comes a time in most people’s lives when they begin to look towards the end of their working career, and shepherds are no different than the rest — although we sometimes wait until we are very old before we begin down that path. Yet in my case, I knew when […]

Mice in the chicken coop

Our chicken coop is a small building with an interior floor about eight feet on each side and about a five foot wide double door at the back that allows me entry and makes cleaning out the bedding easier. The chickens enter and exit through two small doors at the opposite side, allowing me to […]

One perfect peach

Three years ago, a tornado tore through our acreage, bringing down many of the trees near the house and in the timber. The orchard in front of our home lost 70% of its fruit trees in that one afternoon, and at the time, I wasn’t sure I would be able to convince Rick to replant […]