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With the exception of Martin’s recently enlarged Romney breeding group, the rest of our sheep are becoming obviously bored with breeding season. The ewes are ready to return to their matriarchal society, and the rams seem to be looking forward to returning to their ram-only groups in the upper paddocks. It’s obvious that breeding season […]

Good fences make good neighbors

Although this proverb appears in a poem by Robert Frost titled “Mending Wall,” some version of this same sentiment seems to appear across many cultures and languages — and it’s perfect in describing the goings-on of today’s blog! During this time of year — breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm — it is never more […]


Goliath, our oldest Romney ram, is stuck in a rut. Actually, he is usually stuck in a fence – but the fact that he does this nearly every day through the breeding season for the past few years has me thinking that he is not only stuck in the fence, but also in that proverbial […]

Breeding season

Breeding season is just around the corner for our farm; we will put the rams in with their individual groups of ewes on Saturday, September 19th — just in time for the arrival of lambs beginning Valentine’s Day 2016! The excitement is building, among sheep and shepherds alike! This is a time full of hope […]

Noa’s high jump

Sheep — being very adaptable ruminants that have weathered millennia in fields around the world — don’t really need a barn for survival; they essentially carry their own shelter on their backs. They need only a bit of shade in the summer to keep them a tad cooler and a windbreak in the winter to protect […]

Finding a win-win solution

This past Monday morning, I had just finished my morning chores and was settling down at the kitchen computer to work when I heard one of the flock calling to me from outside. Now, the fact that I could hear it so clearly was a bit surprising, since the nearest sheep were the ewes in […]

Peeper Hollow Farm tour: the Rock, Timber, and Fire Circle Pastures

Shortly after we added the Romeldale/CVM breed to our flock, we knew we would need more grazing. Up to this point, we had been using temporary electric fencing to allow our sheep to graze beyond our two pastures, but this fencing would occasionally kill one of our lambs. I wanted something better, so we decided […]