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A good thing

I wrote on January 12th that we had purchased a new home in the mountains of Virginia with the intent of retiring there sometime this year. On February 12th, I updated the news: we would be reducing our sheep flock by selling off our beloved Romneys before the move. Shepherding a smaller flock seemed the […]

Cranky Aunt Odelia

Just as with people, sheep mothers come in various flavors. Some, like Myth, are very regimented, insisting that even their newborn lambs nurse according to a schedule. Others, like our previous flock matriarch Zoe, are willing to feed any lambs — often finding a lost lamb and nudging it towards her own teats. Most fall […]

A rough start to lambing

As in everyone’s life, we shepherds have experiences that don’t go the way we hope. Maybe a lamb gets pneumonia and dies, or a ewe has a particularly difficult labor. Attentive shepherds will look back over what happened, trying to glean what went wrong and how we could have achieved a better outcome. We know […]