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Oh, no, Orbit!

Earlier this week, I was running late. I had scheduled one thing after another through the morning, ending with lunch with my mom, who lives in town. The sheep had to be fed before I left, but as is so normal this time of year, each group I entered had some issue that needed my […]


I often write about the activities of the flock: feeding, grazing, breeding, shearing, skirting fleeces, lambing. The list of what we do seems endless — not only to you as readers, but sometimes also to me as the shepherdess. There is a lot to do when keeping sheep. Yet sometimes it is easy to forget […]

More on meningeal worms

On Friday I blogged about a fellow shepherdess who had one of her new ewe lambs stricken by meningeal worms, a terrible parasite that destroys tissues of the central nervous system in ruminants such as sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, and elk. I think it is important for shepherds to better understand this very dangerous adversary […]