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Ready for breeding

This weekend marks the beginning of breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm, and as such, the start of the 2017 lambing year. This past year’s lambs are mostly sexually mature and no longer small and helpless. Many will, in fact, be in breeding groups next week and deliver lambs of their own in the spring […]

Giant pumpkins

Regular readers may recall that after every Halloween, we pick up unwanted pumpkins from local stores. There isn’t anything as outdated as a pumpkin after that holiday, and often the stores will let us have them simply because we are willing to take them all and clean up the area when we are done. Last […]

Training the community

On Monday I wrote about our Romney ewe Grace and the fact that she sneaks out of the pasture to make her way to better grazing — our lawn and our yard plantings. This great escape has been going on for many years, and it has become a part of our routine. I know that […]

The Timber and its orchestra

After their final vaccinations this past Saturday, the lambs were released into the last new pasture of our normal rotation: the Timber. Someday soon (I hope), this pasture will be split into the North Timber and the South Timber, but right now it is one large field with a wide variety of grazing and browse […]

The hole — continued

The man from the drainage company volunteered to come to the farm and look at the hole, so he and the woman walked down into the Rock Pasture to take a look. It was a warm early spring day and although the ground was still damp from recent rains, there was no running water in […]

The hole

Many years ago, in a land not so far away, a city couple bought land in the country and their kids named it Peeper Hollow Farm. The family was happy there and eventually began to dream of adding more living creatures to their little plot of land. A single dog soon had a few cats […]