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Buried in grass

Because of last year’s heavy parasite season, this year we kept our sheep off of most of our fields until about July 1. Of course, those fields didn’t stop growing simply because there were no animals to graze them. Keeping up with spring growth isn’t easy even in a normal year, and this year I’m […]

A coming drought?

There have been rumblings for several months that we could very well expect a drought in this region this year. I’ve heard it from old-time farmers and from meteorologists, from hay producers and amateur forecasters. When we had such a very mild winter followed by a very wet spring, I recognized this pattern as the […]

More considerations regarding parasites

In the last blog, I outlined some of the options I’ve been considering regarding last year’s heavy parasite load as it now begins to impact this year. Because of our recent mild winter, I know the parasite loads in our fields will be heavy, and need to decide on a plan of attack moving forward. […]

Giant pumpkins

Regular readers may recall that after every Halloween, we pick up unwanted pumpkins from local stores. There isn’t anything as outdated as a pumpkin after that holiday, and often the stores will let us have them simply because we are willing to take them all and clean up the area when we are done. Last […]

More about Christmas trees — feeding your flock

In Wednesday’s post I discussed where to find trees and how to select them. After making sure your selected trees haven’t been sprayed with flame retardant and are not sporting tinsel or ornaments, you’ve brought the stash to your farm and you’re ready to feed your flock. But first, here are a few things to […]

Invading the lawn

At the end of the growing season each year, we stop mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and raking the leaves. I know this sounds like a couple of lazy people trying to find a way of avoiding work — and that might be! — but we actually have an ulterior motive. Since we’ve discovered […]

The apple ATM

As mentioned in past blogs, we have a number of foxes who have made their homes on or around our acreage. There is one in particular that I’ve noticed on a fairly regular schedule; he typically shows up in our orchard in the middle of the afternoon, looking for lunch. Earlier in the season, he […]