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Invading the lawn

At the end of the growing season each year, we stop mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and raking the leaves. I know this sounds like a couple of lazy people trying to find a way of avoiding work — and that might be! — but we actually have an ulterior motive. Since we’ve discovered […]

The apple ATM

As mentioned in past blogs, we have a number of foxes who have made their homes on or around our acreage. There is one in particular that I’ve noticed on a fairly regular schedule; he typically shows up in our orchard in the middle of the afternoon, looking for lunch. Earlier in the season, he […]

Invading raspberry soldiers

We knew after this house was built that we wanted to have a variety of fruit trees growing on our acreage. There were already mulberries in the Timber, but we also planted an orchard with cherry, apple, plum, pear, apricot and peach trees, and several grape vines. We planted some currant bushes from my parents’ […]

Mystery solved!

In Wednesday’s blog, I admitted that my lamb flock currently has a mysterious illness. Most of the biggest and strongest lambs have a rash all around their mouths, some with blisters; and several have this same condition around their eyes and noses and a bit on the ears (see Odin’s eye, left). When I visit […]