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When they don’t get up

I am out among the sheep every day, doling out their feed and checking on the flock. This welfare check looks for health issues that aren’t readily apparent. As prey animals, sheep have a very strong instinct to hide their pain or illness, knowing that any displayed weakness could bring them to the attention of […]

The Chicken War

On Friday, October 21, I wrote about our neighborhood fox taking off with nearly half of my chicken flock, leaving one hen injured. All the remaining chickens were quite traumatized and had essentially stopped laying eggs. They were rightfully fearful, since four of the ten original hens had become fox dinner. Every visit to the […]


About twenty years ago, I was a city girl, having grown up in the suburbs of Detroit and then living in urban areas for most of my adult life. As a child, I remember dreaming of owning acreage, while of course never understanding what such a life might entail. My dreams were filled with beautiful […]