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Rams are particularly possessive of their ewes once breeding season begins, largely because of their strong drive to procreate and push their genetics into the next generation. It’s not unusual for a ram to willingly suffer the shock of the electrified fence in order to breed the ewes next door. But that ram is generally […]

Ready for breeding

This weekend marks the beginning of breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm, and as such, the start of the 2017 lambing year. This past year’s lambs are mostly sexually mature and no longer small and helpless. Many will, in fact, be in breeding groups next week and deliver lambs of their own in the spring […]


With the exception of Martin’s recently enlarged Romney breeding group, the rest of our sheep are becoming obviously bored with breeding season. The ewes are ready to return to their matriarchal society, and the rams seem to be looking forward to returning to their ram-only groups in the upper paddocks. It’s obvious that breeding season […]