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Where are fleeces from Winter Shearing?

Most of us who shepherd a flock have two main raw materials to work with: wool and lambs. Of course the more creative shepherd might also find a market for sheep manure, and those who are more artistic may find a market for “value added” products like yarn, wool batting, and the like. In the […]

Shearing 2016!

Rick and I were both up early on Saturday morning – there was still much to do and only hours before our shearer and many volunteers/helpers arrived to help us make our ewes more comfortable in these last weeks before lambing. Thankfully, this was the warmest shearing in our sixteen years; so warm, in fact, […]

Nearly shearing day!

The shepherding year contains milestones that mark our progress through the year, indicating the end of one production period and the beginning of another. For our flock, the cycle begins when we put our sheep into breeding groups. That is followed by ultrasounding, shearing of our ewes, the birth of the first lambs, the birth […]

A close call

I have mentioned in previous blogs that a shepherd must be vigilant during this time of year. Not only are most of the ewes entering their last trimester of gestation (considered a high-risk period when preterm abortions are possible), but here they are in full fleece, which can throw off their balance — especially in […]

Shearing, weather and proper feeding

This is the time of year when the ewe flock’s nutrition is critical — not only does what they ingest provide for the growth of their lambs, but it also helps keep them warm on cold winter days! For new shepherds, this is the time of year when nutritional issues in their management are most […]

Wearing their food

This is the time of year when shearing can’t come soon enough. After keeping their fleeces clean and beautiful all year long, the ewes are now slowly ruining what I have taken so long to produce. Okay, I know I don’t produce all that lovely, lustrous wool — they do! But honestly, who works so […]