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Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

I will be playing hooky this weekend by taking two and a half days off from shepherding as I enjoy the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, Wisconsin. This is an annual event that combines pretty much everything that has to do with sheep, wool, and fiber — including herding dog trials, a big […]

Surprising peacemakers

Ewes are usually gentle creatures with little interest in fighting unless they’re protecting young lambs or find themselves cornered with no other option. Unlike rams, bringing a new ewe into an existing group is simple. Within a relatively short time after adding the new member into the space, they  become a seamless part of the […]

The showdown at high noon

She stood in the stall in anticipation of the face-off to come, steadying her breathing, knowing she would need every advantage against her adversary. Her friends and flockmates had abandoned her only moments before, escaping through the half-door that always stood open — now still open, but blocked. Jypsi was trapped, and she knew it. […]

He, she or it

Working with animals every day, as I do, provides an insight into their lives that most people don’t have. I’ve come to know the individuals in my flock and the others I work with (dogs and llamas) personally; each has his or her own personality with likes, dislikes, and ways of being in the world […]

A tale of two ewes: Hannah and Noble

I’ve written many times about the individuality of our sheep; how every sheep has its own personality and way of interacting with the world. There are likely no two sheep so different than Hannah and Noble – two of the Romney ewes in our flock. Of the two, Hannah is the oldest, having been born […]