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A couple of years ago, I made a trip to Montana to meet my friends, Maggie and Carol, from Tawanda Farms in California, and to pick up a load of Romney sheep. Among the girls that we brought back was a sweet ewe lamb we later named McKinley. Like all of the ewes from that […]

Lambs who stand out

Beginning on March 15th, our oldest lambs will be one month old. At this stage, certain lambs begin to stand out because of behavior or personality, the interesting genetics they carry, or some physical feature that catches the eye. After another month or two, I will know most of them individually — recognizing them as […]

Kaylen’s head scratcher

Kaylen is one of our CVM ewes who isn’t particularly friendly with me. Oh, she is perfectly happy to take a graham cracker from my fingers or nibble a carrot that I hold in my hand; but generally, she would rather be far away from me as I go about my chores. So I was […]


Looking across a flock of sheep, the average person sees, well, a bunch of sheep, most of whom look basically the same. Yes, there are different colors or patterns, but their similarities seem to outweigh their differences, and it can be hard to distinguish one from the others. As far as the sheep are concerned, […]


I think that our girl January has a secret. For new readers, January is a lovely white Romeldale ewe born in 2010 as one of triplets. Her mother had a true hatred for white lambs, and that year she delivered two solid black (June and July), and one white—our girl January. Within hours of birth, […]


Every spring, our flock swells in number as our ewes deliver dozens of lambs in our barns. Over the next weeks, we pay particular attention to each of these lambs, measuring their weight gains, assessing their interactions with the world around them, looking closely at their fleece characteristics, and generally trying to choose the best […]


Adding adult sheep to a flock can be a tricky thing. Lambs are a bit more resilient, integrating fairly quickly and easily as they move from one flock to another, but adults are an entirely different situation. It can take a year or more to really see whether they’ll produce for you—and often the shepherd […]

A new look

This new look has been nearly a whole year in coming. First came the decision to switch hosting companies to one with a more user-friendly blogging format. Then came months of trying to figure out how to use the new system. By November I was beginning to panic, since my 2014 New Year’s resolution had […]