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Surprise visitors

Each summer for many years, we’ve hosted adults and children who want to meet our sheep. Children and sheep are a natural combination; children generally love animals, and sheep are gentle and can be fed graham cracker pieces without worrying about nipped fingers. Besides, we find that many of these young kids grow into teenage […]


Our modern times are filled with technology that promises to make our work more efficient so that we will have more time for what matters. Unfortunately I have come to realize over the decades that this technology only seems to free up time for more work.  At a certain point in my life, and after […]

A sweet time of year

This past weekend began that in-between period that is book-ended on one side by breeding season and at the other by the end of grazing and the eventual start of lambing. The length of this sweet period varies depending on each year’s weather and other factors, but it is most welcome when it arrives. The […]

Words cannot express

When people come to us to buy a flock of sheep, we spend a lot of time with them, making sure that they understand the commitment and the life that they are looking to enter. Shepherding is not for the faint of heart; doing it well requires not only a time investment, but also a […]