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The human headgate

Like any other endeavor, shepherding has its own share of equipment, some things that are fairly necessary and others that can often be worked around — and which category any one item falls into is often dependent upon the shepherd. One tool that many shepherds find useful is something called the headgate. This is a […]

Ingenuity and shepherding

We shepherds are an interesting lot. Although my college education made me an electrical engineer many years ago, I’ve done many things and reinvented myself several times over my lifetime to date. I was an engineer at first, then a stay-at-home mom to our two kids for a time and doing contract engineering work when […]

Rescued by NetTex

This blog will seem silly to many. How can she be so happy, they’ll ask, for a bunch of little plastic bits? But I am. You cannot believe how happy I was to receive hundreds of small plastic pins in the mail the other day! The package was the result of literally years of searching. […]


There are a variety of small hand tools that we use around Peeper Hollow Farm throughout the year, but none is as important or as frequently used as a simple pair of nippers. This handy tool, pictured here, goes by several names—diagonal cutters, wire cutters and diagonal pliers. Basically it is a pliers with two blades, […]