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Making friends

I mostly look at physical traits when I purchase sheep, but especially when it comes to rams, I also consider temperament. Specifically, we would not purchase a ram who has displayed violent behavior. Temperament can be hereditary, and we need our rams to be reasonably safe around people. Temperament in ewes, however, is a whole […]

Moving and settling in

Sheep take time to integrate into a new flock, and how much time depends upon many different factors. Many shepherds never consider this integration time – they move sheep hither and yon with little thought to the fact that these are living creatures that have made a home and a life at another farm. The […]

A quick trip

Immediately following my hand surgery last Tuesday, Rick and I loaded up our suitcases, hooked up the trailer and everything we needed to transport sheep, and headed off for a run to Montana to bring back a group of twelve Romneys from Grace Valley Farms. The trip was a true whirlwind: we left on Wednesday, […]