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A quick trip

Immediately following my hand surgery last Tuesday, Rick and I loaded up our suitcases, hooked up the trailer and everything we needed to transport sheep, and headed off for a run to Montana to bring back a group of twelve Romneys from Grace Valley Farms. The trip was a true whirlwind: we left on Wednesday, […]

The one that got away

Gabby is a Romeldale/CVM ewe we bought when we first got into the breed. She was our first ewe — and most likely our best purchase. A large-bodied girl with plenty of space for big triplets (up to 34 lbs of lambs in any given year), her fleece has won multiple awards at various competitions […]


I know it may seem odd to those not in the business, but sheep-raising is full of paperwork. There is, of course, the application for registration papers for any lambs that we’ll keep for breeding, but that is not all. I keep a computer program that helps with many of our records. In the old […]


A couple of years ago, I made a trip to Montana to meet my friends, Maggie and Carol, from Tawanda Farms in California, and to pick up a load of Romney sheep. Among the girls that we brought back was a sweet ewe lamb we later named McKinley. Like all of the ewes from that […]

More about our transport

So, continuing on Friday’s post, I still have two ewes here who need to go to northern California, and my friend Melissa and I have three ram lambs who need to be brought from California to Iowa. Our transport plans for this past weekend fell through because a couple of the ram lambs had come […]


Purchasing sheep for our flock is a critical decision. Not only is it an added expense, but it can bring in genetics, good or bad, that can reshape all of the lambs that will eventually come from our flock. It is not a decision that I make lightly. Once I have made a decision, however, […]