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When a sheep is sick, it can be a bit of a puzzle — they have no way to let us know where the problem lies or how they feel. Even worse, as prey animals, they tend to hide their discomfort or illness until they can no longer do so. By the time their human […]

More ultrasound results

There’s a lot of information contained in the data we collect at ultrasounding, and the days that follow are filled with trying to make sense of the numbers. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to make of the numbers I’m working with, and at other times things make sense. For example, I was not surprised […]

All things ultrasound

We pulled the last of the rams out of their breeding groups on Thursday, November 6th, which started the imaginary ultrasound clock ticking. Ultrasounding our sheep allows us several benefits for a small fee: we know how many lambs to expect from that ewe, we can confirm our due dates, and because we learn the […]

January’s surprise

On January 30th, I wrote about our girl January, who is a close sheep-friend of mine and had ultrasounded in December with two lambs. I had suspected that she might carry triplets rather than twins, so contrary to my usual practice of feeding our ewes based on the number of lambs they scan, I moved […]

Due dates

Looking at my life from the outside, one would think that knowing a ewe’s due date would be a fairly simple thing. After all, throughout the breeding season our rams wear a marking harness, complete with a huge crayon, so that after they breed, the ewes walk away with a big glob of color on […]