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January’s surprise

On January 30th, I wrote about our girl January, who is a close sheep-friend of mine and had ultrasounded in December with two lambs. I had suspected that she might carry triplets rather than twins, so contrary to my usual practice of feeding our ewes based on the number of lambs they scan, I moved […]

Due dates

Looking at my life from the outside, one would think that knowing a ewe’s due date would be a fairly simple thing. After all, throughout the breeding season our rams wear a marking harness, complete with a huge crayon, so that after they breed, the ewes walk away with a big glob of color on […]


Adding adult sheep to a flock can be a tricky thing. Lambs are a bit more resilient, integrating fairly quickly and easily as they move from one flock to another, but adults are an entirely different situation. It can take a year or more to really see whether they’ll produce for you—and often the shepherd […]