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No blog today

We were out of state visiting family over the weekend, and our return flight was delayed. As a result — and with so much to catch up on when we get home — there will be no blog today. However, I’ll post as usual on Wednesday.

An unexpected slip

Keeping sheep is not generally considered to be a very dangerous activity. Of course, as with anything else, I’m aware of the possible dangers and keep my wits about me as I do my daily chores. Rams are in their breeding groups now, and so they’re particularly protective of their girls. When I enter any […]

Ewe pedicures

Shepherding is filled with tasks that few non-shepherds would recognize, and one of the biggest of these is the trimming of hooves. Hoof trimming isn’t required for sheep in the wild because of a perfect balance of environment and genetics: they have been selected by nature such that their normal hoof growth is easily worn […]

An escape attempt

I wrote last Friday (May 19) about our newest houseguest, Herkie the baby sparrow. When he literally dropped into my life, he was a tiny featherless creature that looked more like an itty-bitty dinosaur than a bird. Rick and I set aside a corner of our dining room as a rehabilitation area, complete with heating […]

Time off!

I’ll be taking today off from blogging to enjoy some time with my family, and will return with a new post on Monday, April 17th. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Our flock is all about moving the genetics of our two breeds forward. When shepherds talk about genetic improvement, exactly what that means is up to the individual shepherd. Most of us have goals for our sheep and flocks, and put together breeding groups and make selections based on those goals. In our Romeldale flock, […]