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Dog walking

You would think that with three herding dogs who need exceptional amounts of exercise to keep them sane, we would have enough dog chores without adding more. However, for the past week or so, I have been walking my neighbor’s mixed-breed dog. The family has recently suffered a great loss, and as neighbors in this […]

The gulag

Regular readers will recall that we got an order of day-old baby chicks in April, only to have them vanish overnight from our farm at the age of about five weeks (see blog dated Wednesday, May 13, 2015). We reordered another sixteen chicks, and they arrived on Saturday, June 13. Unlike the first group, who […]

A tale of two lambs

Opus and Oath are both Romeldale/CVM ram lambs born to my flock this spring. Although they are members of the same breed, they are also very different. Opus is our fastest growing lamb, gaining nearly 1.2 pounds per day since his birth two months and nine days ago. Oath, on the other hand, is one […]

Lambs who stand out

Beginning on March 15th, our oldest lambs will be one month old. At this stage, certain lambs begin to stand out because of behavior or personality, the interesting genetics they carry, or some physical feature that catches the eye. After another month or two, I will know most of them individually — recognizing them as […]


When one works outdoors, it can seem an idyllic situation. Crunching through fall’s riotous colors beneath your feet, or uncovering spring’s new life in the Timber are certainly as exhilarating as they sound. The sheep meander about, and I enjoy the wonders of nature as I work. Yet, when we think of this blissful life, […]