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An eye wart?

It isn’t often that something happens within the flock that I haven’t seen before. After nearly seventeen years, I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff, both in my own flock and in the flocks of friends and acquaintances, so when my young ram lamb Pistil had me stumped this past fall, it was a notable […]

Oh, no, Orbit!

Earlier this week, I was running late. I had scheduled one thing after another through the morning, ending with lunch with my mom, who lives in town. The sheep had to be fed before I left, but as is so normal this time of year, each group I entered had some issue that needed my […]

Trouble in the henhouse

Trying to keep a flock of chickens has been a bit of a challenge this year. Several years ago, raccoons decimated our flock while we were on vacation, and rather than replace them at that time (and lose them to the raccoons again), we decided to wait until our raccoon population was more under control. […]