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Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, the Wool Show, and great discussions

I spent this past weekend among friends at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, taking in all things sheep and wool. It’s a surprise to most people (including new shepherds) that a number of such celebrations are offered around the country each year. But arguably none is so eagerly anticipated as the Wisconsin festival, which […]

A quick trip

Immediately following my hand surgery last Tuesday, Rick and I loaded up our suitcases, hooked up the trailer and everything we needed to transport sheep, and headed off for a run to Montana to bring back a group of twelve Romneys from Grace Valley Farms. The trip was a true whirlwind: we left on Wednesday, […]

Hand surgery

This is admittedly a slow time in the shepherding year, but there is never a good time for hand surgery. I’ve noticed over the past few years that more and more often, my hands have been going numb; they check out just when it seems I need them the most. The problem has been much […]