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Sheep tipping

Most of you have likely heard the urban legend about cow tipping — knocking over cows who are asleep on their feet. My sheep tipping is something else entirely. We tip our sheep for a variety of reasons, but the most common is when we trim their hooves, as we did this past weekend in […]

Number Seven

It’s hard to imagine, but yesterday I captured raccoon number seven in one of our live traps. Our 15 acres is not particularly large as farms go, and our Storage Barn is fairly small when compared to our neighbor’s structures, yet it is obviously a hit with the neighborhood wildlife — at least the raccoons! […]

A raccoon invasion

Regular readers might recall that I spent many weeks last summer trapping raccoons that roamed our barns, and in the end I relocated eight of them into the wildlife area about fifteen miles north of our farm. Moving them that far away means they’re less likely to return, and with the river and wooded areas, […]

Cold and wet

Today is a cold and rainy day; not the type of day during which you want to work outside. Although I do have some discretion on days like this as to how much time I spend outside, there are a few outdoor activities in which I have little choice. The dogs still need their exercise, […]

Foxes under attack

Last spring I wrote about foxes that had created a den in the ditch across the road from our property. Only three of the four kits survived being so close to the road, but those three grew and thrived. That den is still occupied, and we now have a couple of foxes in a den […]

Dog walking

You would think that with three herding dogs who need exceptional amounts of exercise to keep them sane, we would have enough dog chores without adding more. However, for the past week or so, I have been walking my neighbor’s mixed-breed dog. The family has recently suffered a great loss, and as neighbors in this […]