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Wet wool

Shearing is this coming weekend, and my days are filled with advance preparations: rounding up our volunteers, setting up the clipboards for recording everything we do, planning three meals plus snacks. This and more helps create a successful harvesting of wool from our fifty ewes. I have always kept track of local weather forecasts. And […]

Wearing their food

This is the time of year when shearing can’t come soon enough. After keeping their fleeces clean and beautiful all year long, the ewes are now slowly ruining what I have taken so long to produce. Okay, I know I don’t produce all that lovely, lustrous wool — they do! But honestly, who works so […]

Baby sheep coats

Although many farms coat only their adult sheep, we coat our flock nearly from the moment of birth. Minutes after a lamb takes its first breath, I clip the umbilical cord and put on its first coat. Throughout the year we collect sweatshirts and sweatpants from our own household and from clothing donated by others. […]