Celebrating life

About two-thirds of our lambs have now arrived, and we’ve had a bit of a break over the past week — until today, that is. This morning, Nelly broke our dry spell by delivering a ram lamb weighing 10.7 lbs. (named Pizza) and a ewe lamb weighing 9.8 lbs. (named Popcorn). Although Nelly and her lambs have been moved to a jug for the next few days, the rest of the lambs are happily living and growing in the larger mixing pen with their mothers.

Since the youngest lambs in that group are now about a week old and growing quickly, the group in the mixing pen is no longer filled with small newborn lambs. Gaining weight at sometimes more than a pound per day, those lambs — all still less than four weeks old — are becoming a force to be reckoned with. They know what they like, and they are not shy about celebrating their happiness. I could tell you that they usually celebrate feeding time or the birth of new lambs, but what it really comes down to is this: it doesn’t really take a special occasion to make our lambs happy! Our lambs are just happy to be alive, and that’s all it takes to bring on celebration.

I don’t know that I can ever post too many lamb videos, so here is another, recorded this morning just after the arrival of our new lambs.

Unfortunately, the video is not loading properly at this time. I have contacted customer service and hope to have it up soon – please check back!

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