Doggy kisses

We live in a house with three border collies, so getting licked by a dog is not an unusual occurrence. Our dogs, however, are not particularly affectionate — they are much happier when I suggest they come out to work the sheep than when I want to pet them or show them a bit of love. Our three are definitely working dogs in that the work itself is their source of joy, and anything else is a distraction from what they would rather be doing.

Yet at this time of year, I find them to be particularly “loving.” They follow me around the house, and whenever I stop, I find myself surrounded by my three “best friends.” It doesn’t stop there, though. A great example of this happened last night: all three dogs were around my legs as I stood at the dryer and folded laundry. They licked and licked at me – such faithful companions! I had been out in the lambing barn for hours, and here, I thought to myself, were my good friends, so happy to have me back in the house.

And then I realized the real reason my dogs were so enamored with me: I had just come in from the lambing barn! Although I had already changed my pants twice during the day, I had once again obviously gotten splashed with amniotic fluid during the most recent delivery. No wonder I had suddenly become my dogs’ best friend! There I stood, folding laundry as my dogs licked and licked my pants clean. Some friends they are! Fickle friends, at best!

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