Here’s what our customers are saying:

Aimee’s son’s mittens, the outer portion made from Milo’s fleece

Mittens knit by Demeri from yarn that came from a combination of Lisbeth’s fleece, alpaca fiber, and a bit of bamboo – lovely!

“By the way–just finished these mittens for my son [photo on right]. The outer layer is from the black lamb fleece I got a few years back.  Milo I think. I made a hoodie for my daughter too (and still have a skein left!).” –Aimee

Yes, Aimee, the lamb fleece that you purchased for these was from Milo, a very dark Romney ram lamb born in 2013 and sold as a market lamb that fall. Good memory – and beautiful mittens!


Court’s warm blanket, made from our Romney fiber!

<Here is my> Romney Blanket <all> finished. All Romney wool came from Peeper Hollow Farm. I handspun the wool and hand-crocheted the blanket. Approximately crocheted around 4,500 yards of handspun. Natural colors of white, brown, gray and black. Yellow was white that I dyed in Osage shavings. Measures 73 inches by 86 inches (see photo, left).” –Court

“I bought some roving from you a few weeks ago and just wanted to say I am loving it!  The chocolate romney is sooo soft and it all practically spins itself.  Thank you!  I just finished knitting slippers for my granddaughter out of your white romney.  I dyed a skein pink so she has white and pink slippers! …  Thanks for your speedy delivery of my first order of wonderful roving!  I plan to be back!  I can’t wait to … make myself a sweater from your chocolate Romney!” –Shirley

“OMG!!! Wow, just, Wow, Lydia’s [Romney] fleece is just gorgeous! Thank you so very much for suggesting it for me. If it is at all possible, I would be so happy to reserve her future fleece. You are the Best!!! A spinner in raptures” –Karen

“WOW! Such a gorgeous fleece. Are you sure you didn’t wash it? Maybe you did? I love it, it’s so beautiful and the luster if awesome! Can’t wait to work with it. Thanks for wrapping it like a present and including a picture of its producer! That’s so fun! Harmony [Romney] is adorable! Thanks so much.” –Angela

A closer look at Wanda's shawl - how beautiful!

A closer look at Wanda’s shawl – how beautiful!

Wanda's lovely shawl, made with a blend of silk and our CVM fiber.

Wanda’s lovely shawl, made with a blend of silk and our CVM fiber.

“Here is the leaf lace shawl I knit [photos right and left]: one single of light gray CVM (from Heidi’s fleece) dyed moss green, and a single of multi-colored silk plyed together.” –Wanda

“I received Ivy’s [CVM] fleece today and absolutely love it!  It is exactly as you described and even prettier than your pictures, so I can hardly wait to steal time to process it for the fine lace projects which are its destiny.  Lovely packaging, great service, excellent fleece:  doing business doesn’t get any better than working with you!  Thanks very much,”  –Linda


Brenda’s lovely hand-spun yarn from our Romney fiber!

“This is a yarn (right) that I did after seeing an exhibit of Monet’s “white” paintings  [from Harriet’s Romney fleece last year].  Harriet’s fleece [just arrived and] is drop dead gorgeous!!!!  I am so excited to get this beautiful fleece again – give her an extra hug for me….” –Brenda

“Just wanted you to know I received Inniah’s [Romney] fleece today and washed up a bit. It truly has to be one of the loveliest fleeces I have bought from you. My fingers are itchy to spin some of it up. Thank you again for your kind service, I look forward to buying some more of your flock’s fine fleeces. A happy customer”  –Karen

Henry, enjoying our packaging while his owner, , enjoys the contents!

Henry, enjoying our packaging while his owner, Katy, enjoys the contents!

A Cat-in-the-Box!
Even Henry loves our packaging!
 — Thanks, Katy!



This vest (right) was created by Kris: Hand spun thread from Peeper Hollow Farm Romney wool, dyed, woven, and sewn.  See Kris’ blog at


Kara's lovely sweater!

Kara’s lovely sweater!

“I wanted to send you along a picture of a sweater I made from two of your girls fleeces (Hope and Faith, plyed together) that I bought a while back. It is SO cozy and I wear it often.  I love to tell people the names of the sheep that grew this wonderful wool. The brown tips are still visible and add character.  I have spun all the fleece I got from you but not knit the rest into anything yet….was thinking about a sending it out to be woven into a blanket…we’ll see.  I’ll keep an eye out for your fleeces in the spring….”  –Cara

“This fleece is absolutely beautiful… so clean, what a colour and very uniform in colour.  I love it….  Thanks again for your kindness and excellent service….”  –Jean

 “I just received the fleece and it is really beautiful! And clean!!! Wow, did you give her a bath before shearing her?!!! I can’t wait to bring it to my spinning group and show off my latest great buy.” –Stacey

“Boy, is that fleece I just bought from you, off of “Erasmus” nice.  It is hard to tell from a photo sometimes, it looked nice on my monitor but even better in person…I will definitely be buying more from you in the future! Thanks!” –Michael

“The CVM has been amazing to work with.  It’s easy to drum card and spin.  It has so much “bounce” it makes incredibly spongy batts.  It’s easy to card and spin.  It spins up into fine or worsted weight yarn quite easily and is suitable for any garment from lace to aran.  It’s soft enough for next to the skin wear. It takes dye easily and beautifully.  The yarn has elasticity and loft.  A spring in it that makes it very easy to work with.  It’s become my very favorite fleece.” –Judi

… the fleece is here!  It is gorgeous. It looks good, smells good, and my cat is definitely interested in the box!  I’m not sure I want to share any of it with students 🙂 the luster is INCREDIBLE. My husband is going to take one look and say, ‘I want a sweater out of THAT.’

Once again, thank you for a wonderful fleece. It is going to be a joy to scour, pick, card, spin and knit.  I was telling one of my sisters that I love every step of the process. They think taking a “dirty” fleece and cleaning it, etc, sounds like a nasty job.  Not nasty if the fleece comes from Dee…” –Kris

 “After washing about 1/3 of Elias’ fleece, I am even more impressed.  When I washed the first bit right after the fleece arrived, I did not take the time to unpack the entire fleece and do a full survey, but now I have, and I will have to say that this is the most beautiful wool I have handled.  I had a novice spinner here today and she helped with the washing.  I am afraid she has been given a very erroneous view of wool and is doomed to be disappointed with every fleece she sees from now on.” –Nola

“I’m slow getting my reply to you, but I love Delilah’s fleece. It is so lovely to look at and wonderful to spin! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” –Janice

“Woohoo, Hatcher’s fleece arrived today.  I’ve opened the box up to let it breathe, thanks for the tip.  It is beautiful!  I can’t wait to prepare and spin it.” –Samantha

“The fleeces arrived and they are breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Love them both -they are so clean – and the pictures of the sheep are a really great extra.” –Brenda