Fleeces for Sale

Romeldale/CVM and Romney Fleeces for Sale

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We have new fleeces available for purchase three times each year: early February, mid-June, and late-October.
Each shearing focuses on a different group of sheep and results in different types of fleeces:
  • -February fleeces are from our breeding ewes and are longer in staple, having had a full year of growth.  They are therefore heavier in weight, averaging six pounds for the Romneys and about five pounds for the Romeldale/CVM.


  • -June fleeces come from our breeding rams, and are similar in staple length to the February fleeces.  They do not, however, have a strong “rammy” smell.  Because rams are quite a bit bigger than ewes, these fleeces are a bit heavier in weight than the February fleeces.  There are very few summer fleeces in comparison to the other shearings, as we keep a limited number of rams.


  • -October fleeces are shorter in staple length and therefore a bit lighter in weight, sometimes as small as 1.5 pounds.  This shearing includes our cull ewes and market lambs before they leave the farm, so the fleeces only reflect six to nine months of growth.

How Do I Buy a Fleece?

After the fleeces from each shearing are skirted, we compile descriptions of each of the fleeces for sale into one or two emails (depending on the number of fleeces) with descriptions and photos of each fleece.  All of those people who are on our e-mail notification list will receive a copy of this email once the fleeces are skirted and available for sale.  Sales will be handled based on the time and date stamp of received e-mails sent in reply to our initial posting from those wanting to purchase particular fleeces.

Once fleeces are available for sale, they sell very quickly.  If you contact us for a particular fleece and don’t hear back from us right away, please know that we are answering e-mails in the order they were received – both time and date – you will hear from us!

You may also e-mail us via the Contact Us page if you are looking for a particular type of fleece that we may have in our next shearing. This puts you on our “request list” and we will compare each fleece to your description as we skirt.  You will be notified of any fleeces that meet your description sometime during the days before the sales list is made public to allow you to make your purchase.

This system for fleece purchases has been in place since the Jan.’09 shearing, in order to give all customers equal opportunity to purchase our fleeces. We feel that this arrangement comes closest to allowing all of our customers a chance to purchase the fleeces they want from each of our shearings.  Thank you for your patience!


One of our crimpy colored Romeldale/CVM fleeces


One of our luxuriously soft white Romeldale fleeces

One of our award-winning Dark Romney fleeces

One of our award-winning Dark Romney fleeces

Our white Romney fleeces have also done very well in competition!

Our white Romney fleeces have also done very well in competition!