Our Ewe Flock

Peeper Hollow Farm Ewes:

Koko, medium CVM, mother of Nahe (PHF ram)

Koko (DOB 2011) – medium gray CVM,


Gabby (DOB 2007) – pale gray CVM, mother of Olive, and a foundation flock member

Grace (DOB 2007) – recessively colored Romney, daughter of Zoe (1999-2014) and mother of Omega (PHF ewe)




Hattie (DOB 2008) – medium gray CVM, mother of Midnight, Natasha, and Phoebe – a foundation flock member

Hope (DOB 2008) – medium moorit CVM from Winterwind Farm, MN, mother of Myth and several of our previous rams

Heavenly - white Romney, sister of Harmony and mother of Nevaeh

Heavenly (DOB 2008) – white Romney,  mother of Nevaeh, Quaker, and Qayin (PHF ram) ____________________________


January (DOB 2010) – white Romeldale, mother of Sweet Pea


Kabernet (DOB 2011) – pale gray Romney, mother of Qianti and Qlaret

Ivy (DOB 2009) – light gray Romeldale/CVM, mother of Osage, Noa (PHF ram) and Quechan (PHF ram)

Kali (DOB 2011) – dark gray Romney, and mother of Nali _______________________________

Kiera (DOB 2011) – white, color-carrying Romney ewe

Liberty (DOB 2012) – dark gray Romney from Kate Collins, MA

Maisie (DOB 2013) – dark charcoal Romney, last daughter of Zoe (1999-2014)

McKenna (DOB 2013) – white, color carrying Romney from Tawanda Farms, CA, purchased in 2013 with McKinley

McKinley (DOB 2013) – silvery Romney from Tawanda Farms, CA, purchased in 2013 with McKenna, mother of Quebec

Molly (DOB 2013) – dark charcoal Romeldale ________________________________   ________________________________

Myth (DOB 2013) – light moorit CVM, daughter of Hope

Nali (DOB 2014) – light silvery gray Romney, daughter of Kali _______________

Natasha (DOB 2014) – darker moorit CVM, daughter of Hattie, half-sister to Phoebe

Nevaeh (DOB 2014) – white, color-carrying Romney daughter of Heavenly and half-sister to Quaker and Qayin

Noble (DOB 2014) – medium gray Romney, mother of Princess

Nypsi (DOB 2014) - moorit daughter of Jypsi, carries one dark pattern gene

Nypsi (DOB 2014) – light moorit CVM, half-sister to Poison, took her mother Jypsi’s place in our flock _

Odelia (DOB 2015) – dark moorit CVM, sister of Pierson

Olive (DOB 2015) - daughter of Gabby x Nahe, with lovely, crimpy fleece and carries moorit coloring

Olive (DOB 2015) – light gray CVM daughter of Gabby, carries moorit coloring ________________

Oyster (DOB 2015) – white color-carrying Romney, half-sister to Kali

Osage (DOB 2015) – dark charcoal Romeldale daughter of Ivy

Omega (DOB 2015) – white color-carrying Romney daughter of Grace

O’Chloe (DOB 2015) – colored Romney purchased from Oak Creek Farm, IA, mother of Qloe

Ossidy (DOB 2015) - medium moorit daughter of Millie x Nahe

Ossidy (DOB 2015) – medium moorit CVM

Nia (DOB 2014) - Silvery gray Romney purchased from Grace Valley Farms, MT

Nia (DOB 2014) – Silvery gray Romney purchased from Grace Valley Farms, MT

Obella (DOB 2015) - Dark gray Romney purchased from Grace Valley Farms, MT

Obella (DOB 2015) – Dark gray Romney purchased from Grace Valley Farms, MT

Pierson (DOB 2016) - daughter of Kaylen x Muldoon, is one of our friendliest sheep

Pierson (DOB 2016) – pale silver CVM, full sister to Odelia

Potion (DOB 2016) - daughter of Jypsi x Muldoon

Poison (DOB 2016) – dark moorit Romeldale, half-sister to Nypsi

Phoebe (DOB 2016) - dark charcoal daughter of Hattie x Noa carries one very dark pattern gene

Phoebe (DOB 2016) – dark charcoal Romeldale daughter of Hattie, mother of Quenby

Poplar (DOB 2016) – medium gray CVM, sister to Pine (PHF ram)

Princess (DOB 2016) – white, color -carrying Romney daughter of Noble

Sweet Pea (DOB 2016) – white color-carrying Romeldale, daughter of January and aunt of Qash and Qai

Qorroboree (DOB 2017) – dark moorit Romeldale, daughter of Poison ____________

Qash (DOB 2017) – moorit-based white Romeldale, grand-daughter of January, half-sister of Sweet Pea, and sister of Qai

Qai (DOB 2017) – dark gray CVM, grand-daughter of January, half-sister of Sweet Pea, and full sister of Qash

Quella (DOB 2017) – colored Romney daughter of Obella

Qianti (DOB 2017) – colored Romney daughter of Kabernet and sister to Qlaret

Qlaret (DOB 2017) – colored Romney daughter of Kabernet and sister to Qianti

Quaker (DOB 2017) – white, color-carrying Romney, daughter of Heavenly and sister to Qayin (PHF ram)

Qloe (DOB 2017) – colored Romney daughter of O’Chloe, from the family line of our old Zoe

Qastanet (DOB 2017) – dark moorit Romeldale, neice to Poison and cousin of Qorroboree ________

Qassiopeia (DOB 2017) – very dark Romeldale, grand-daughter of Hattie and niece of Natasha and Phoebe

Quebec (DOB 2017) – silvery colored Romney, daughter of McKinley ___________

Quiana (DOB 2017) – darker gray CVM, took her mother Ilaina’s place in our flock

Quenby (DOB 2017) – dark moorit daughter of Phoebe and grand-daughter of Hattie, is part of our work in spotting

Qashel (DOB 2017) – dark gray CVM purchased as a lamb from Yetter’s Knoll Farm, PA _______

Pina Colada (DOB 2016) – colored Romney purchased as a yearling from Oak Creek Farm, IA, is a grand-daughter of Kabernet

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  • Jeri Bisel says:

    Please add me to your fleece and fiber mailing list

  • Jonah Gilland says:

    I’m just starting out and interested in bred ewes in October. What ewes are for sale?

    Thank you,

    • Dee says:

      Please contact me privately at either 319-360-2620 (prefer weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm) or at dee.heinrich@gmail.com and we can discuss the ewes and ewe lambs that are currently available and the traits that they bring to a flock. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Dee, it’s been awhile since I’ve purchased any fleeces from you. I purchased Hodges, Loita and Kayle. Your fleeces are exquisite! We now have a Alpaca and Llama farm. I was interested in one of your fleeces preferably Romeldale or a CVM. I’m looking for another outstanding fleece ! Even though we have a farm I still can’t live without my wool ! Let me know what you will have available to purchase at shearing please.

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