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Roving and Combed Top

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Romney Roving
Easy to spin, our wonderfully soft Romney roving comes in three colors: soft gray, dark chocolate, and crisp white.

Chocolate_Brown_roving.jpg.w180h177Sold Out! Dark Chocolate Romney roving – a lovely near-black color, soft and easy to spin, this lot comes from our darkest breeding ewes.  There isn’t much on hand, so make sure to buy enough!  $9.50 per 1/2 pound, or $17 per pound


Soft_gray_Romney.jpg.w180h208Sold Out! Soft Gray Romney roving – a blend of many shades of silver, gray and taupe, very soft and easy to spin, this fiber comes from our lighter-colored breeding ewes sheared in January. $8.50 per 1/2 pound, or $16 per pound

 white_Romney_roving_2010.jpg.w180h240Sold Out!Crisp White Romney roving is wonderfully soft and has a lovely luster! This fiber comes from our breeding ewes so has a great staple length.  $8.50 per half pound or $16 per pound

CVM Combed Top

from the rarest of the rare breeds!


Fluffy, clean, and ready to spin!  For those who don’t want to bother with handling a raw fleece, our combed top is the answer!  Luxuriously soft for next-to-the-skin wear, all four colors come from our flock of CVM/Romeldale sheep:

dark_combed_top.jpg.w180h135Dark Chocolate – 100% CVM combed top in a dark chocolate brown/gray.  $2.50 per ounce


moorit_combed_top_2011.jpg.w180h135Honey Moorit – hard-to-find moorit CVM combed top in a lovely medium brown shade. $2.25 per ounce

gray_combed_top.jpg.w180h135 Soft Gray – luscious soft gray CVM combed top – not too pale and not too dark!  $2.25 per ounce

white_combed_topSold Out! Soft White lovely creamy-white Romeldale combed top from the white members of our flock. $2.25 per ounce


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