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Getting out

I’ve written recently about the pressure to let our flock outdoors vs. the lure of keeping the lambs safe within the confines of the lambing barn. At some point it always becomes very obvious that they need out — particularly the older lambs. Today, our oldest lambs are over five weeks old, the barn is […]

Doggy kisses

We live in a house with three border collies, so getting licked by a dog is not an unusual occurrence. Our dogs, however, are not particularly affectionate — they are much happier when I suggest they come out to work the sheep than when I want to pet them or show them a bit of […]


When one works outdoors, it can seem an idyllic situation. Crunching through fall’s riotous colors beneath your feet, or uncovering spring’s new life in the Timber are certainly as exhilarating as they sound. The sheep meander about, and I enjoy the wonders of nature as I work. Yet, when we think of this blissful life, […]


There is something about rams that is very different from ewes, besides their physiology. There is something mental—psychological, you might say—that makes their way of thinking about the world, and therefore their behavior within their world, much different than their female counterparts. As their name implies, they really like to ram. Now, I need to […]

Mucking out

Although the sheep have access to our pastures nearly the entire year, during the nastier months, they are also allowed access to some shelter. Giving them shelter means not only providing the roof over their heads, but also bedding to keep them warm, dry and comfortable. In order for that bedding to continue to keep […]