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More about Christmas trees — feeding your flock

In Wednesday’s post I discussed where to find trees and how to select them. After making sure your selected trees haven’t been sprayed with flame retardant and are not sporting tinsel or ornaments, you’ve brought the stash to your farm and you’re ready to feed your flock. But first, here are a few things to […]

Christmas tree insight — about the trees

Although the title of this blog may lead you to believe that I’ve been sitting here and having deep thoughts on the meaning of the holiday, this post and the next will actually address sheep and their love of eating Christmas trees. There are trace nutrients in evergreens that, I’ve been told, cannot be gotten […]

Christmas breath

I love visiting my sheep this time of year. Whether for feeding, checking them over, or tending a sick animal, whenever I get close to them, I get the distinct smell of Christmas. The aroma of evergreens hovers around them like the smell of liquor around an alcoholic—without the negative health effects, of course! Yes, […]