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Unforgotten trauma

This is a big week, since we’ll be putting our breeding groups together on Saturday. In anticipation of the work involved, this entire week has been all about getting the sheep and equipment ready. I’ve checked out all of the marking harnesses and crayons, moved the rams into their winter lodgings, cleaned out all of […]

Doggy dreams of work

There is no doubt in my mind that dogs dream. I have believed this for as long as we’ve had dogs, and I’m happy that most scientists who study these things finally tend to agree: dogs do seem to dream, and the subject appears to involve things that they do during the day. I enjoy […]

The move to a new field

Starting the grazing in our pastures and rotating the flock from one field to the next is a complicated thing each spring. We try to get them grazing early enough that we don’t run out of hay yet not so early that they set back the pasture growth for the year. It is never the […]