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Invading the lawn

At the end of the growing season each year, we stop mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and raking the leaves. I know this sounds like a couple of lazy people trying to find a way of avoiding work — and that might be! — but we actually have an ulterior motive. Since we’ve discovered […]

Enough hay

We all grow up with the stories or observation of animals putting away food for the winter — squirrels burying nuts throughout the yard, chipmunks storing nuts in their tunnels or in holes of trees, moles stockpiling earthworms, foxes storing food in their dens — each of them preparing for the cold, frozen world of […]

Big chickens, little chickens

So, the chicks — no, the chickens — are still in our dining room and close to eviction. The fluffy little chicks morphed seemingly overnight into half-size chickens with lots of adult feathers and even more attitude. They no longer huddle together under the heat lamp but instead run around their kiddy swimming pool like […]

Getting out

I’ve written recently about the pressure to let our flock outdoors vs. the lure of keeping the lambs safe within the confines of the lambing barn. At some point it always becomes very obvious that they need out — particularly the older lambs. Today, our oldest lambs are over five weeks old, the barn is […]