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As a shepherdess, much of my work with the sheep occurs outside in our barns or fields. I know that such work can be dirty – that fact is a part of the picture that I accepted long ago. Yet even that knowledge sometimes falls very short of the facts. It just still amazes me […]

A cascading river

The vast majority of our ewes (thirty-seven to be exact) are currently housed in our lower paddock that abuts the Storage Barn. This setup allows the ewes access to the lean-to and the back stall in the barn. Both areas include hay feeders, and the lean-to has a series of supplement blocks: cobalt, protein, and […]

Continued grazing and frozen water

Due to family commitments for the Thanksgiving holiday, my next blog will be posted on Wednesday, Nov. 30th, skipping Nov. 23, 25, and 28. Thanks for your understanding! Although the growing season has ended, grazing continues for the ewes at Peeper Hollow Farm. The rams were brought together in their winter paddock several weeks ago, […]

Creep feeding

Lambs grow best when they have a variety of foods at their disposal. The problem is that when they are young (as they are now), they’re in among the ewes, who are not only hungry, but ravenous! They are lactating, and this production of food from their own bodies makes them eating machines, devouring any […]

Rescued by NetTex

This blog will seem silly to many. How can she be so happy, they’ll ask, for a bunch of little plastic bits? But I am. You cannot believe how happy I was to receive hundreds of small plastic pins in the mail the other day! The package was the result of literally years of searching. […]