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Wool blind

When I first heard the term wool blind, I had both a bit of confusion and a series of interesting images: Shepherds who couldn’t see wool? A small hut covered in wool to use for spying on sheep? As it turns out, it is the sheep who can become wool blind. It tends to occur […]

Fuzzy faces

I find the amount of fuzz on our sheep faces interesting. I know that sounds a little crazy, but the Romney and Romeldale breeds are supposed to have “clean faces” — which basically means that they should not have wool on their cheeks or over the bridge of their noses – their faces should be […]

Mystery solved!

In Wednesday’s blog, I admitted that my lamb flock currently has a mysterious illness. Most of the biggest and strongest lambs have a rash all around their mouths, some with blisters; and several have this same condition around their eyes and noses and a bit on the ears (see Odin’s eye, left). When I visit […]

A close look at Olive

Olive is a Romeldale/CVM lamb born to Gabby on March 4 of this year. The decisions made around her birth were described in my blog “Choices” posted on March 9. As a result of those choices, Olive became a bottle lamb and her brother, Oleander, became an adopted son of Fern’s. Both are doing well […]