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Fox pups

We have four or five fox dens within about a quarter mile of our house, most dug into the steep hillsides of the roadside right-of-way bordering our acreage. Most of our neighbors know the dens are there, and it’s not uncommon at this time of year to see one or more cars idling at the […]

Foxes under attack

Last spring I wrote about foxes that had created a den in the ditch across the road from our property. Only three of the four kits survived being so close to the road, but those three grew and thrived. That den is still occupied, and we now have a couple of foxes in a den […]

The apple ATM

As mentioned in past blogs, we have a number of foxes who have made their homes on or around our acreage. There is one in particular that I’ve noticed on a fairly regular schedule; he typically shows up in our orchard in the middle of the afternoon, looking for lunch. Earlier in the season, he […]

A sweet surprise

This is the time of year when Mother Nature blesses the world with new life — not only with the lambs in our fields, but all around us. New green shoots come forth from old gray stems or rich black earth, and the fields are filled with newborn calves, foals, and kids frolicking in the […]

An intruder

It was about 1:00 AM two nights ago when Rick was awakened by a loud noise outside our house. This particular haunting screech is not one we hear often. An intruder will often send our llamas into alarm mode, sounding out a  “Whoop, whoop, whoop!” that very much gets across the idea of an alarm […]