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Goliath, our oldest Romney ram, is stuck in a rut. Actually, he is usually stuck in a fence – but the fact that he does this nearly every day through the breeding season for the past few years has me thinking that he is not only stuck in the fence, but also in that proverbial […]

Switching out a ram

Today I’m writing about a situation that occasionally arises in any flock during breeding season: a ram who doesn’t (or can’t) work. We use a marking harness and crayon on each of our breeding rams, so every time one of our boys breeds one of his ewes, we are alerted by the colored blotch on […]

Ram changes

Our flock renewal is not limited to ewes! In the previous two blogs, I described the changes in the ewe flocks, but there has been even more turnover in our rams! We normally keep about a dozen boys over the winter, a combination of older rams who we still hope to use for breeding and […]

Oh, the riches!

Okay, I have to be honest. When I speak of riches, I’m not talking about monetary riches — one is unlikely to find themselves surrounded by gold and silver during their shepherding career. Yet there is much more to life and happiness than silver and gold; and I would argue that in working with my […]