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Of ultrasounds and due dates

For most of our shepherding years, we’ve had our ewes ultrasounded after breeding. When I first heard of ultrasounds for sheep, I thought back to my pregnancy ultrasounds, which were rather expensive. I was fairly certain that we couldn’t afford to do the same for our sheep — and have it done on our farm, […]

Aging sheep

Like every other living creature, sheep age, and I’m often asked how old sheep can get. Although this seems like a simple question, like many seemingly simple things, it isn’t. When I got our first sheep, I asked the Iowa Extension Sheep Specialist how long sheep can live. He answered, “Eight years.” I commented that […]

The beginning of lambing

For those of you a bit confused by the title, no, it’s not the beginning of lambing here at Peeper Hollow Farm! Not yet, anyway. But our breeding groups have been together for more than four weeks, now — well past the halfway point of our six-week breeding season — so we can now see […]

Containing Grace

I have written several times about the challenges of keeping our Romney ewe, Grace, within the confines of our pastures. Grace is nine — the second oldest of our flock — and she has wisdom beyond her years. She was the first daughter born to our former flock matriarch, Zoe, who lived to the age […]

Training the community

On Monday I wrote about our Romney ewe Grace and the fact that she sneaks out of the pasture to make her way to better grazing — our lawn and our yard plantings. This great escape has been going on for many years, and it has become a part of our routine. I know that […]