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Lambing statistics

This year’s lambing ended this past Saturday, and as part of the cleanup, I always compile statistics to give us a picture of the results. This year, for a variety of reasons (including cancer in one of our primary rams and two groups assigned to ram lambs who proved too immature to breed), we had […]

Wearing their food

This is the time of year when shearing can’t come soon enough. After keeping their fleeces clean and beautiful all year long, the ewes are now slowly ruining what I have taken so long to produce. Okay, I know I don’t produce all that lovely, lustrous wool — they do! But honestly, who works so […]

Romney changes

Every summer our flocks undergo a metamorphosis. I say flocks because in this instance we run two separate groups: a Romeldale/CVM flock and a Romney flock. At some point between May and September, part of my role as shepherdess is to determine the future direction of these flocks: who stays and who goes; and if […]

Finding a win-win solution

This past Monday morning, I had just finished my morning chores and was settling down at the kitchen computer to work when I heard one of the flock calling to me from outside. Now, the fact that I could hear it so clearly was a bit surprising, since the nearest sheep were the ewes in […]

Grace’s great escape

Our ewes and their lambs are currently grazing the South Pasture, which has a long stretch of road on the southern border. When I turned them into that field on Monday, there was plenty of grazing for this week, before bringing them into the barn on Friday to wean a good number of our lambs. […]


Looking across a flock of sheep, the average person sees, well, a bunch of sheep, most of whom look basically the same. Yes, there are different colors or patterns, but their similarities seem to outweigh their differences, and it can be hard to distinguish one from the others. As far as the sheep are concerned, […]