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A hay decision

Making hay is a pretty exact science. If the hay is cut too early, the yield from that field is less than what it could have been, reducing the output for the work invested. If the hay is cut too late, the palatability and nutritional content fade quickly, reducing its quality for animal feed. Timing […]

Cold and wet

Today is a cold and rainy day; not the type of day during which you want to work outside. Although I do have some discretion on days like this as to how much time I spend outside, there are a few outdoor activities in which I have little choice. The dogs still need their exercise, […]

Shearing, weather and proper feeding

This is the time of year when the ewe flock’s nutrition is critical — not only does what they ingest provide for the growth of their lambs, but it also helps keep them warm on cold winter days! For new shepherds, this is the time of year when nutritional issues in their management are most […]

Nutrition during gestation: avoiding pregnancy toxemia

Nutrition is critical for any sheep flock, and even more so when the ewes are bred — particularly during the last trimester, when the unborn lambs gain about 70% of their growth. At this time nutrition can become a matter of life or death for both the ewe and the lambs she carries. The next […]

The role of good nutrition for breeding lambs

We sell a number of lambs each year to new shepherds looking to begin their own flocks. Most of these people are eager to begin right away, and they’re looking to produce lambs the following spring when their foundation animals are only about a year old. The common advice in the past would have been […]

Enough hay

We all grow up with the stories or observation of animals putting away food for the winter — squirrels burying nuts throughout the yard, chipmunks storing nuts in their tunnels or in holes of trees, moles stockpiling earthworms, foxes storing food in their dens — each of them preparing for the cold, frozen world of […]